Explore the world of puzzles with... puzzled rabbit!

                  Puzzled Rabbit is a charming little game for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles.
                  It's based on a classic concept of sokoban. Try it and you won't regret!

                  Highlights include:
                  * Fun and addictive gameplay
                  * Nearly 200 challenging levels
                  * Cute graphics and moody sound
                  * Rewarding wisdom quotes by Albert Einstein and others
                  * Two control modes - smart and simple
                  * Online leaderboards (iOS and Android)
                  * And of course... the rabbit!

                  "There's very little here not to love."
                  cnet Australia
                  "A content-rich and addictive slide puzzle game perfect for fans of logistical challenge."

                  "Very stylish and charming game. I especially like having the option to point and
                  click for moving around."
                  Big Stupid Face (XBLIG reviewer)
                  "A simple idea with loads of enjoyable frustration! [...] FINAL WORD: Buy"
                  "It has a consistent, appealing style and the levels are nicely designed and each
                  of them features a difficulty you wouldn't expect at first glance."
                  Mattini Games (XBLIG reviewer)

                  "Puzzled Rabbit is one of those puzzle games where you stare at the screen searching
                  for that elusive correct answer that appears to be dangling in front of your face like
                  a delicious carrot."
                  Armless Octopus

                  "This is a really nice puzzle game and very addictive."
                  Richard Mould (XBLIG reviewer)

                  "More depth to it than I expected."
                  Team Train Frontier (XBLIG reviewer)

                  "Very stylish and charming Sokoban variant. :-)"
                  Spyn Doctor (XBLIG reviewer)

                  "Very Good Game!'
                  ECHS BACHS (XBLIG reviewer)
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